Homeoprophylaxis (HP)

In 1801, Samuel Hahnemann, the founding father of homeopathy described how he successfully used the homeopathic remedy Belladonna for the prevention of scarlet fever.  Ever since that time, Homeoprophylaxis, or HP for short, has been used to introduce into the human system, safe homeopathic versions of particular diseases in order to naturally stimulate the immune system.  As a result, susceptibility to targeted diseases can be reduced.  HP has been used to successfully prevent a variety of illnesses, including childhood diseases and epidemics*. See books and links below.

If you are concerned about vaccination for yourself or your child, there is another option to just ‘not’ vaccinating that affords a proven track record of success. As a trained and certified Homeoprophylaxis Supervisor, by Free and Healthy Children International, I can help you use homeopathy to educate you or your child’s immune system for disease prevention.   Homeoprophylaxis is a method of disease prevention that is safe, natural and without the trauma offered by injections. Through the use of homeopathic remedy nosodes, the body’s innate healing system can be instructed to respond to infectious diseases without the potential side effects of vaccinations.

Contact me to learn more about the HP program which includes:

  • Individualized 1 hour appointment to explain the program
  • Four years of HP remedies for the most commonly vaccinated diseases
  • Four years of any necessary consultation regarding the program
  • The ability to start at any time even if some vaccines were given
  • Disease prevention without needles and without side effects
  • Additional remedies for special needs such as foreign travel, or disease outbreaks, can be obtained for an additional cost

HP Program costs:

  • Total program first child:      $298 (includes supervision, remedy kit, booklet, shipping)
  • Each additional child:  add $65 (up to 3 children) Larger families eligible for group rate.
  • Additional HP kit, $90 plus shipping (Initial kit covers 4 children)

Fees for Homeoprophylaxis Program are non-refundable regardless of continuation in program. Remedy Kits are non-returnable after point of sale.

For a thorough understanding of homeoprophylaxis:

  1. Attend the seminar: “How to Educate Your Child’s Immune System:  Vaccination or Homeoprophylaxis.” Offered at various locations around the Twin Cities, this class covers: how to support healthy immune system development so your child can develop normally and free of allergies, food sensitivities and developmental delays; and an introduction to homeoprophylaxis as an alternative method of infectious disease prevention. Details on upcoming seminars can be requested.
  2. Read The Solution, HOMEOPROPHYLAXIS:  The Vaccine Alternative – a parent’s guide to educating your child’s immune system.


3. Links:

*Homeopathy Halts Cuban Epidemic Better Than Vaccines

*17 documented examples of how vaccines have failed in the past

*Comparison of vaccination rates vs infant mortality rates

*Article – “There are risks to infectious diseases, but there are also risks to vaccines”

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