Initial Consultation

Homeopathic treatment begins with an in-depth consultation of approximately two hours. During this meeting, your medical history, family history, health concerns and  health goals will be reviewed.  This extended conversation is your time to truly be heard and understood at a deep level and will create the foundation of your current health picture.  You may share whatever you think will be helpful for me to understand you and your symptoms.  My aim to listen with an open heart and without judgment.  Once you have had an opportunity to clearly communicate your health concerns, I will review everything provided and select the correct remedy for your situation.

If this appointment is for your child, it is helpful to bring along their favorite toy so they feel more relaxed.  Please arrange for childcare at another location for any child who does not have a scheduled appointment.  Homeopathy visits works best if there are no distractions and everyone is comfortable to speak freely.

Follow-Up Consultations

Approximately four to six weeks after your initial consultation, you will return for a follow-up appointment.  At that time, we will review all the changes, improvements and shifts in your original symptoms and assess the remedy.  To make good progress, follow-up appointments are important.  It is during these meetings that we assess your response to the remedy and adjust or change your remedy as needed.  This is also a time to feel supported and encouraged along your healing journey.

Understanding Homeopathic Healing

Homeopathy is a process to deep healing and cure by using remedies to increase your vitality (vital force in homeopathy terms) and stimulate the innate healing ability of the body. After a remedy, clients sometimes experience a period of heightened well being and optimism. However, homeopathy is a process and not a quick fix.  The body’s responses come in a variety of ways and are all significant as they indicate that the remedy has touched your vitality and moving the system toward improved health.  The body may continue to heal itself for weeks or even months after taking a remedy.

The changes you will notice after taking your remedy can be dramatic or subtle.  While many individuals will notice significant increases in energy and improvement in symptoms, others may find it difficult to see the changes happening within themselves.  As we review your progress together, you will gain insight into the significance of thoughts and experiences as they relate to your growth and healing.  This is why follow up appointments are essential and are best continued until your health goals are reached.

It’s important to note that according to the principle of homeopathy, medicines are given in extremely dilute amounts, just enough to stimulate a healing response without producing any side effects.  There are no toxic side effects to homeopathic remedies.  However, sometimes a short-term intensification of symptoms is experienced typically lasting less than a few days and followed by a marked improvement in the same symptoms.  This is an indication the body has responded to the remedy and has shifted into addressing the healing needed.  Make note of any of these shifts as it will be invaluable to review during your follow-up appointment.

Lastly, it can be very helpful to keep a journal to take note of all the changes that occur between visits.  As we feel better, it is common to forget about the intensity of symptoms we once experienced.  All changes are relevant, including dreams, sleep patterns, energy shifts, motivation and changes in the physical symptoms you experience.  Making note of  the changes enhances your healing and my understanding of the remedy action.


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