Complimentary Inquiry Call (20 minutes) $.00
To ask specific questions about how homeopathy could help you with your health concerns, please feel free to give me a call.  Or send me an email or text and we will set the time aside to comfortably review your needs.

Adult Initial Consultation (2.5 hours) $275
This initial visit includes a complete review of your health history and an opportunity to be heard and understood at a deep individualistic level.  A remedy will be selected to address your primary symptoms and your healing journey will begin.

Child (under 10) Initial Consultation (2.0 hours) $195
Nothing is more precious than our children and more important than their health.  This initial visit will include a complete review of your child’s health history and give child and parents an opportunity to be heard and understood so the goals for your child’s health can be determined.  A remedy will be selected to address your child’s primary symptoms and their healing journey will begin.

Follow-up Consultation (45 minutes) $60
Follow-up appointments are scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks after your initial visit to monitor the progress of your health goals and adjust homeopathic remedies as needed to keep your healing moving in the direction of true health.

Remedy Charges $25 – $35

Healing Package (initial consultation + three follow-ups)
$405  (savings of $50 over adult rates)

Acute Care (under 15 minutes)
$40 for current clients; $60 for clients that have not yet had an initial consultation.

Acute care is available via phone or email M-F 9:00am – 5:00pm,  Contact me after completing the Acute Care Questionnaire (found under the Acute Care menu tab).  Calls taking more than 15 minutes will be charged an additional $30.  Messages will generally be returned within 24 hours.  Always seek emergency medical care as needed.

Payment: cash or check appreciated.  Credit cards accepted.  

Homeopathy expenses are eligible for HSA (Health Savings Accounts  and FSA (Flexible Spending Account.) Conventional Medical Insurance generally does not cover Homeopathic Services but some plans do, so check with your carrier.

Payments for all homeopathic services are due and payable at time of service. Questions regarding services covered or not covered should be directed to your insurance carrier prior to your appointment so that you are aware of your financial responsibilities. Please note that I am an homeopathic practitioner, not a medical doctor.

***Failure to show or failure to cancel with at least 24 hours advance notice will result in the full rate being charged.

Rates updated and effective January 1, 2019