Meet Kathryn


I have been involved in homeopathy for 20+ years and am a designated CCH -Certified Classical Homeopath by the Council for Homeopathic Certification.  My education has included completion of the four-year Classical Homeopathic Program at the internationally-renowned Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy which included academic study and supervised clinic practice.   In addition, I continue to seek out opportunities to further my knowledge and have studied under internationally renowned India Homeopaths: Sunil Anand,  Farokh Master, Dinesh Chauhan, Jayesh Shah and Rajan Sankaran.   Having completed stringent guidelines of Free and Healthy International, I am a certified Homeoprophylaxis (HP) Supervisor and support parents searching for alternative ways to educate their children’s immune systems and find improved health. 

Learning is my lifelong joy, having started my personal healing journey at the age of 16.  It was early on that I came to understand we are more than just individual body parts and symptoms.  We are mind, body and spirit and deep healing can come from medical systems that treat each individual as a unique whole being.

Grounded in the understanding that healers must also be healing, I continue to immerse myself in seminars and learning opportunities that deepen my own healing in an effort to support the healing of my clients.  In addition to my passion for learning more about homeopathy, I have also studied and continue to practice Spring Forest Qigong and Vinyasa Yoga on a regular basis.  The knowledge and insights gained create the foundation for my understanding of health and life.  My practice name,  Healing Heart Homeopathy, sets the vision of my intention to heal from the heart and be present for you on your healing journey.


I was raised in southeastern Minnesota and lived with my grandparents on a farm for a number of those years.  My grandparents were amazing.  My grandfather was a self-taught veterinarian who was renowned in the area as an animal whisperer of his day.  He didn’t believe in using drugs on animals and thought the idea of pouring poison (pesticides & fertilizers) on your land was crazy.

My grandmother was a middle child in a family of thirteen and out lived all her siblings at 101 seven months and seven days.  She was a healer of her day although I can’t exactly explain why, I just know she understood the power of love.  They both had a significant influence on my understanding of life and healing so I had to mention them.

I am a mother of two amazing sons who have taught me so much  and it was in 1996 I was led to  homeopathy through them.  At that time, my oldest son almost died from an allergic reaction to a flu vaccination that was recommended by his pediatrician.  We had been dealing with four years of asthma treatment which included nebulizer treatments 3-4 times a day, regular Prednisone doses, weekly doctor visits, and monthly emergency room visits.  I felt like a hamster in a cage getting nowhere while watching my son’s personality change and health deteriorate from the heavy regimen of medications.  After sharing the near death experience with my son’s doctor and being told there was no relationship and the immediate timing was merely a coincidence, I received the gift of truth about the conventional medical system’s ability to help my son.  As I walked out of the office, a story came forth from my memory about a friend telling how her son was healed of asthma.  It had been many years since I had heard the story and was not yet a mother at the time.  As I went back through the memory, I recalled how I had rolled my eyes and thought ‘yeah, right’.  Now here I was, an enlightened believer or at least ready to give something different a try.  My friend gave me her homeopath’s name and within 6 months of starting homeopathic treatment my son was completely cured of Asthma.  I went from saying ‘homeo-what?’ to being a believer.  I researched, studied and read all I could find.  Eventually I decided our whole family could benefit from this healing science and never looked back.

As is true for my existing clients, it would be my pleasure and honor to support you on your journey to wellness with homeopathy.

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