As a homeopathic practitioner, my aim is to help you achieve your health goals and find a happier life, as many of my clients have already experienced.  Here are some of their stories, in their own words:

Thank you Kathryn
“As I start the process of homeopathic healing, I am amazed how quickly it is working. Already I am able to handle stressful situations better and I feel more in control of my emotions. I am very grateful to be working with Kathryn.”    Molly K.

“Kathryn continues to be my “Rock.” As a Homeopathic Doctor, she is attentive, intuitive, and a plethora of knowledge. I trust her intuitive sense and her sense of which remedy is appropriate for my constitution. She studies and learns, treating this method of treatment as the science it deserves to be identified as.  Healing Heart truly lives up to its name. My time at my appointments is always upbeat and encouraging. So nice to realize there is a way to get through this life with joy and optimism.”

-Susan E.

“Homeopathy has been life changing for our entire family.  8 months ago our 11 y/o had such severe anxiety and stress that he was not able to attend school any longer.  We worked very closely with Kathryn over the following months and we are thrilled that in September he was back in school and is doing wonderfully.  Kathryn has always made herself available to me and has walked this journey with us as if it were her own.  She is extremely knowledgeable in her craft and is a blessing to her patients and their families.”

B.B. Plymouth, MN 

“I have been using homeopathy and seeing Kathryn for over a year now. I am incredibly pleased with Kathryn as a practitioner and just astounded by the results I have witnessed in both body and mind. Through my time with Kathryn and homeopathy, I have seen and felt profound changes in my mind-set, temperament, inner strength and vitality.  

Admittedly, I was initially hesitant about seeing Kathryn, she is a student in my yoga classes and I see her frequently. I need not have worried about such considerations. Her professionalism, forthright manner, and honest desire to help heal put me immediately at ease. She has treated my toddler Madeline and seen me through my current pregnancy. I have, and will continue to, recommend her services to many people in hopes that they find the healing that I have found through homeopathy. ”      – Amanda Straka, Long Lake, MN

“I have been to the “traditional” (Western) doctors significantly less since I started seeing Kathryn as my homeopath. I’m thrilled to say that she has helped me more in 4 months than any physician has EVER helped me. :)”

-Libby P., Chanhassen, MN

 “I highly recommend Kathryn as a homeopathic practitioner.  Through my personal experience I found her to be very professional, a good listener, and passionate about her work.  Her diagnosis was very accurate and her treatment remedy proved to be effective in addressing my concerns.”

-R Jacobson, Plymouth MN

Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star
Meeting with Kathryn has surpassed all other mental health sessions I have had.
“Our lives are like big puzzles, and Kathryn has been really been so helpful trying to figure out mine. I hope to be able to eventually quit taking a prescription medication because of the positive changes I have had with homeopathy.”

Martha C.


Here’s how I know this is true. In 2012 I had two heart surgeries (9 hours on the operating table for each surgery) to correct an irregular heartbeat (Atrial Fibrillation and Tachycardia.) The surgeries were successful, but I had to continue using the medication recommended by my Cardiologist. In addition to my heart issues, I also was annually coming down with a somewhat severe respiratory infection (always in May or June.) Each year the respiratory infection would involve a high fever and intense coughing that would last up to five weeks.

In June of 2014, I called Kathryn Loeb asking her if she could help me with this respiratory problem. I had gone through this illness for two years in a row and did not want to have this become a chronic issue. Kathryn felt confident that she could do something for this condition. For ½ of 2014 and now ½ of 2015, I have been consistently taking the remedies that Kathryn recommends through her deep study of my constitution and the conditions I have been facing.

Now one year later (summer 2015). This is the result: I still got my respiratory illness at the beginning of May. But here’s where it was different. I ran a fever for two days, had a minor cough for about 3 days and was back on my feet out on the golf course in Mexico within 4 days of the onset of my illness (symptom free.) That’s a far cry from the 3-5 weeks of fevers and illness I had the past years. I might add that it also was the only illness that I had in an entire year.

The real perk was when I went to my Cardiologist for a check-up visit June 2015. Although I had been off my medication (except aspirin) for a year, I still had occasional feelings of some dizziness and irregularity in my heart rate at the time I discontinued the heart medication. Now in the summer of 2015, I no longer feel any irregularity at all. The words of my Cardiologist were, “Congratulations! You have graduated. You are cured. Your heart is in perfect rhythm. You no longer have to come to see me unless you have questions or feel the need. Here’s my phone number if you ever want to call me.” And he told me to stop taking the daily aspirin.

Wow! I felt over the moon with excitement. Not only do I feel that I have gained control over my respiratory problems, I have the additional benefit of my heart working in normal rhythm; and I am medication free. My remedy and dietary supplements are all I take to maintain my “excellent” health. At almost 66 years old, I walk 2-4 miles a day, do a daily practice of yoga and use light weights to keep my bones and muscles healthy. Add this to a good diet. I believe I’ll be hanging around for a long time and enjoying it too.

Susan Erickson, St. Michael, MN

Great beginning
“I work with Kathryn only for over a month but I already see a lot of positive changes in my health condition. I amazed how Homeopathic remedy affects me on different levels. I am open to all Kathryn’s suggestions and I am a strong believer in her healing ability.”  Lenna A.

Amazing first experience!  My first experience was wonderful.  I felt very supported and understood.  I look forward to my continued care with Kathryn.

Angela F. Ramsey, MN